Project number: NPAD-2014/10053, financed by the Nordplus Programme
Coordinating Institution: Zemgale Region Human Resource and Competences Development Centre (Latvia)
Partner Institutions: Tavastia Education Consortium (Finland), Šiauliai City Municipality Education Center (Lithuania)
Project period: 01-Jul-2014 – 30-Jun-2016


Project Aims:

  1. provide support to potential entrepreneurs by developing specific entrepreneurial skills – creative thinking that is a cornerstone for the generation of innovative products, that could lead to the development of new and successful enterprises.
  2. strengthen the link between experienced and potential entrepreneurs, by involving them in sharing experience through mentoring method, 2. to develop partnership and educational cooperation in adult education between partner countries that allows to learn and draw benefit from partners’ experience
  3. support and disseminate best practice of adult education and entrepreneurial skills development that ensures quality and innovation in lifelong learning


Short summary of the project:

The project is aimed at working on a joint theme regarding the development of entrepreneurship skills for adults in non-formal education. The project involves the exchange of knowledge and experience in teaching entrepreneurial skills and promoting innovative thinking to adults in all partner countries. The partners will draw conclusions about the further needs of the potential entrepreneurs and based on them will develop a course description, course materials and methods for training potential entrepreneurs on creative, innovative thinking that could lead to successful business ideas. After the material has been developed and translated into the national languages of the three countries involved, the course will be piloted in all partner institutions and after receiving the feedback from the participants necessary amendments will be made to the course content and course materials. After the training phase the course participants will have a possibility to receive practical support and guidance to develop their innovative ideas and implement them with the help of mentors through face to face meetings and the project blog where mentors will share their experience and guide the course participants on the first practical steps of starting business.

Project coordinator:
Skaidrīte Bukbārde
Zemgale Region Human Resource and Competences Development Centre
Assistant director

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